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Outreach team wiki page

This page is for the OpenGeo outreach team.

On-going tasks

1. GeoServer Documentation - This is a major undertaking. (Mike we should break this up into sections)

  1. KML documentation- major push to improve GeoServer's Documentation system. start = 12/1/08 finish = ? URL->
  2. FQA page- Major issues with readability. Break sections into different pages, rather than having each question as an independent page. URL->
  3. User Guide. This page is the 2nd most visited page on the GeoServer wiki. While not horrible, it could use some cleaning up. This is the entry page for most people looking for help with GeoServer. Details to come. URL ->
  4. Free data guides- This is really a collection of tutorials that show how our users can use free data and GeoServer. Most of these tutorials are out of date and need major work. Often links are are broken, data has been updated and new data/better has been release to the public. This should be a section on GEOSDOC.
    1. The GNIS data tutorial.
    2. OpenStreetMap tutorial.
    3. Tiger tutorial.

2. OpenGeo Background Map - The release of GeoExt offers OpenGeo a chance to improve upon the background layers that we ship with or demos. Right now the OpenLayers default WMS layer is a crude vmap map. We can improve upon this. The plan as I see it is to find all available creative commons data sources, styles these sources and cache it.

This is of layers I think would improve our demos.

Found data-

  • OpenStreetMap- this is a recent dump of their dataset. It includes the USA Census data.( Styling- 10% done )
  • Zillow Neighborhood data- this layer gives us a nice out line of neighborhoods ( Styling- 0% done )
  • Transit data - I recently found a shapefile containing most of the rail transit systems in the USA. It is only missing one system(New York) which I have i a different layer. ( Styling 0% )
  • NYC transit data. This data layer is broken into two different layers. One layer has all of above ground railroads and the other has the below ground ( Style 0% )
  • GNIS data set-world (Style 0% )
  • GNIS data set- USA

Still searching for'.

  • VMap data - This will give a nice higher level zoom out of the world. A major draw back is the limited quality of the data. ( 0% done )
  • World rail data layer. I think that this might be include in the OpenStreetMap dataset.
  • Capital cities- I think that i might have found this somewhere.
  • States and other sub-national administrative unites.
  • World lakes and rivers.

3. New labeling blog post with Simple demo.

I need to find the correct docs for the new sld options.