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Employee Handbook

Basic Tech Details

Project Infrastructure

In general, our projects use a combination of technical infrastructure for tracking progress and maintaining communication. Subversion is used to maintain any code associated with the project. Trac is used to provide a project wiki, collect project tasks as tickets, and display activity and resources in subversion. We generally set up at least one email list associated with a project as well.



Client Setup

Get Scott or someone to set up an address for you. If you have the address username@…, this means that you can send/receive mail as username@….

  • Server type: IMAP
  • Incoming: (port 143)
  • Outgoing: (port 587)
  • Username: username (no
  • Security: TLS

Web Mail

You can use the squirrel mail client at


We use creative signatures at the end of our emails. Those signatures generally look like the following:

John Q. Employee
OpenGeo -
Some descriptive tag line.

Suggested tag lines:

  • Expert service straight from the developers.
  • Enterprise support for the open source geospatial stack.

But you are free to come up with your own. Please conform to the following email signature specification.

  1. Shall include the name OpenGeo
  2. Shall include a link to
  3. Should include a short description of OpenGeo
  4. May include title, phone, etc.

To use an email signature with Thunderbird, save your signature (excluding the -- line) somewhere and call it signature.txt (or any other .txt). Then under Tools > Account Settings ..., find the checkbox to attach a signature and browse to your signature.txt. More detail on signatures in Thunderbird can be found on the  web.

Mailing Lists

See the mailing list how-to? for detail on setting up new mailing lists. In general, you can subscribe to a list by sending a message with the subject "subscribe" to the list address.

All OpenGeo employees should subscribe to the following mailing lists::


In addition to conversation carried out via email, on the phone, and in person, we use IRC for OpenGeo related conversation. The  #opengeo channel is open to all and is a good place to have quick chats with co-workers. The georj bot hangs out in #opengeo. You can find some detail on interacting with georj on the how-to page.

All conversation on the #opengeo channel is publicly logged. You can browse these logs at If you have something to say that you don't want logged, you can wrap it in {{double curly braces}}.

Conference Calling

We can make conference calls using the following details:

  • 212-219-6039
  • conf #: area code twice
  • passcode: office zip

EE Process

Process for EE contracts


The team that slogs together, blogs together! HowTo/Blogging

Other Org Details (Benefits, Contact Info, Process)

For details on things related to all TOPP employees, see the  TOPP Office project page on OpenPlans.