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Some links for for the latest demos from OpenGeo. These are certainly not guaranteed to stay up in any way. For stable demos see

 OSM Data served by OpenGeo stack - an example of some of the nicer styling we've got recently, in tiles that anyone can use as they like.

 TriMet - production site served by OpenGeo stack - another production site served by OG stack.

 NYC Fixit prototype - showing off WFS Versioning, with points and diffs

 NY Building demo Versioning with Ext.js, polygons and commit messages

 Snapping and Splitting in OpenLayers - more desktop functionality fully in the browser

 Styler (should work now, and the  main one should work soon. This is a GeoExt based SLD styler.  local

Google Map searches:  Brown Trout,  Shark Bay Marine Park,  Western Darling Range - These are actual searches on Google Maps that show data served up from GeoServer. They then link back to the source layer page (with 'full dataset info and download' link at bottom), where you can explore further. Let's people find real geospatial information direct from Google Maps.

 Benzo(a)prene in Google Earth some regionation, showing more information as you zoom in, determining what to show based on the levels of benzoprene, with GeoServer automatically figuring out what to serve where.

 Forest Stewardship in Google Earth

 Historic Sewer (need to download and configure gs locally  dc sewer tiff)

 Hurricane GE Demo - uses the time slider in Google Earth.

 Alachua demo - some GeoExt components

 Drake the trunk of a GeoExplorer built on GeoExt.

localhost links  http://localhost:8080/geoserver  http://localhost:8080/geoserver/gwc  http://localhost:8080/geoserver/www/styler