Notes on the Time Keeping using AceProject

Set up notes to explain how AceProject relates to trac

Matching up Schemas between Trac and AceProject

There is not a one to one correspondence between the Trac and and AceProject schemas. Trac is built around issue management and AceProject follows the traditional project management Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The Trac schema has been mapped into the AceProject schema in the following table:

Trac Issue Schema Mapped tp AceProject Task Schema

TicketTask Number
Summary Summary
NA Status
Estimated HoursEstimated
NA Percent Done
NA Due Date
NA Creator
Assign to Assigned
NA Reviewer
Blocked by NA
Milestone NA
Keywords NA
Total Hours Hours
Sensitive NA
Blocking NA

Note that blocking can be mapped to dependencies in AceProject; since this is a little used field, it has not been mapped.