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adding job description for front-end manager

Front-End Team Manager

Overall, this position is characterized by its being an unified communication channel or mediator between internal parts of the team and the outside world. As an unified channel it also has the responsibility of synthesizing that information in forms that clients, designers, and engineers can understand and agree upon.


  1. Communication with off-team interests. Off-team interests are a combination of clients and our E.D. Ideally, developers on the team won't have to worry about getting back to the E.D. or clients about what they are doing directly (insofar as they are wearing developer hats)
  2. Serve as the advocate of off-team interests. As above, this could be clients or the E.D.. If they want something, this manager should advocate for that in the team dialog about what can/should be delivered and when.
  3. Assisting roadmapping by writing user stories/functional specs.* This is mid-level product design, largely from a user interaction perspective, synthesizing the client's/E.D.'s needs into a interaction spec which developers can act upon. Work closely with designers as needed.
  4. Coordinate with designers. In the short term, this means talking to design lead and making sure he is utilized effectively. Communicating roadmapping priorities to designers, figuring out what feedback the developers need. Making sure clients are happy with designs.
  5. Talk to developers. Get estimates from them on the items of the roadmap so as to manage client expectations. Get pushback on client requirements and design specs.


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