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 VirtualBox (Vbox) is a virtualization software platform for all major operating systems.

OpenGeo has a pre-built hard disk image for sandboxing and testing purposes. The owner/administrator of this image is Mike. So please direct questions to him. (Link and password info forthcoming, for privacy reasons)

First things first

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Download the hard disk image and save it to your hard drive

Create a new VM with the existing disk image

  • In the main console, click New (or Machine -> New)
  • On the intro screen, click Next
  • Enter a name for your machine, along with OS and Version
  • Set memory size (Ex: For Windows XP, 1GB is optimal, 512MB minimal)
  • To select the hard disk, click Existing to go to the VBox Media Manager
  • Click Add and Select your existing hard drive image
  • Click Next, then Finish

After the virtual machine is created, it should show up as an option when running VirtualBox. Just double-click to run.

Cloning disk images

If you need to run multiple virtual machines with the same hard drive image, you will need to Clone the image. (This is not the same as just making a copy on the filesystem.) This is done with the VBoxManage utility, included with VirtualBox. Use the following syntax:

VBoxManage clonevdi vm1.vdi vm2.vdi

 More information on cloning a disk image