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Flunc is an OpenPlans product used for testing websites. It's meant to simulate user interaction, but a subset of this functionality can be used to test other web services. It can deal with reasonable amounts of text or XML output. It's not very fast, so do not expect it to replace the CITE tests, but it's good to check that a service is up and that noone has disabled the database you depend on. WFS-T and WFSV should also be feasible, if we want.

To be notified

On atlas

  • sudo emacs /etc/aliases , add yourself to fluncs (at the bottom)
  • sudo newalises

The cron daemon runs hourly

The setup:

SSH into atlas and look in /var/flunc , you'll find:

  • - the script run by the cron daemon
  • logs/log_<timestamp> - complete logs from the past 3 days
  • logs/err_<timestamp> - HTTP response of the failing test
  • tests/test_wrapper.tsuite - the file where you add your own tsuites
  • tests/sigma_geoserver.tsuite - the test suite for /geoserver on Look at this for an example.
  • tests/lib_wms_getcapabilities.twill - a very simple test that checks the document has some of the expect elements as well as the presence of a layer name

To use the existing tests:

  • copy sigma_geoserver.tsuite to <your hostname>_<your path>.tsuite
  • modify as appropriate
  • add your name and email address to the top of the file, so we know who depends on this
  • add <your hostname>_<your path> on a new line in test_wrapper.tsuite

To add a new test script you simply create