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Blogging at OpenGeo

Blogging is great. Here are some guidelines for blogging at OpenGeo.

The Official OpenGeo Blog

We have one. It is at (It will soon be at

The main OpenGeo site is a Wordpress instance, and so new blog posts can be added through the Wordpress administrative pages.

Bug somebody for an account if you don't have one.

All posts to the OpenGeo blog should be reviewed before publishing. At this point, Cholmes is reviewing all OpenGeo blog posts to make sure they are on-message. Cholmes is also going to ask for reviews for his posts.

Style guidelines: Write as an individual, but remember that you're representing the organization. When speaking of accomplishments, "We" as OpenGeo, accomplish things--and then mention personal credit later if it's due. The target audience of the OpenGeo blog is the same as the target audience of the OpenGeo site: clients and potential clients, people interested in partnership with OpenGeo, those interested in a Career with OpenGeo, the media and those trying to stay on top of the progress of the Geo Web, people interested in our social mission. I.e., primarily non-tech.


GeoSpiel is a blog for OpenGeo--especially jteam--developers to post to an audience of other developers.

Editorial principles:

  • Audience is other developers
  • Voice is in the first person (no OpenGeo is doing X or Y). this is what you think or are doing.
  • Emphasis on directly usable information: code samples, explanations, etc.
  • No publishing without a read by someone else
  • Keep an eye out for grammar/spelling (duh). Especially keep an eye out for proper spelling/captialization of project names; here is a reference for several projects we work closely with:
    • PostGIS
    • OpenGeo
    • GeoExt
    • ExtJS
    • GeoServer
    • GeoTools
    • OpenLayers

Personal blogs

Blogging on a personal blog about your interests and especially ones with some relevance to OpenGeo is encouraged because it helps promote you as an individual, develops your writing skills, and shares your knowledge and ideas with others on your team and in the larger communities.

When we have a good aggregation solution, we'll be tagging posts with special OpenGeo relevance in a way that assists filtering.

While not necessary, don't be afraid to ask others to review your posts before publishing.


At the time of this writing, there doesn't appear to be a resolution to the question of aggregating different feeds for OpenGeo purposes.

But it sounds like we will soon be setting up an OpenGeo planet that will pull in a variety of feeds.

We may then also use a Wordpress plug in developed by Anil to pull the planet's feed into a Wordpress instance (likely Geospiel).