and .


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18:36 Ticket #98 (Script project creation) created by whit
write a simple script for doing all steps in HowTo/ProjectSetup
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16:19 Ticket #97 (Upgrade OpenGeo.org Wordpress to 2.7) created by sbenthall
Upgrade the OpenGeo.org wordpress instance to 2.7 so that we can do media …


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21:15 Ticket #92 (Permalink) closed by iwillig
16:29 Ticket #69 (Add a GeoCoder to the OSM map.) closed by iwillig


20:41 Ticket #96 (LiveCD / Starter Kit) created by iwillig
After FOSS4G there was some talk about turning the LiveCD into a OpenGeo …
19:38 Ticket #95 (blog post on jsTools) created by whit
announcement of jstools
19:37 Ticket #94 (patch for OL for using jstools) created by whit
and post to OL list
19:36 Ticket #93 (iOL.js and mobile description for OpenGeo site) created by whit
description page ala  http://opengeo.org/?page_id=18&preview=true
18:21 Ticket #92 (Permalink) created by cholmes
Should add a permalink to the map, so users can browse around to an area …


23:43 Ticket #58 (GeoExt: Let popups optionally appear outside of map panel) closed by sbenthall
23:23 Ticket #69 (Add a GeoCoder to the OSM map.) reopened by iwillig
23:23 Ticket #69 (Add a GeoCoder to the OSM map.) closed by iwillig
fixed: I have basic geocoder working thanks to the help of Seb. URL -> …
20:58 Ticket #91 (Write up notes on BB) closed by sbenthall
20:54 Ticket #70 (Add GNIS features to the OSM map) closed by iwillig
20:18 Ticket #87 (background color for OSM tiles) closed by iwillig
19:41 Ticket #91 (Write up notes on BB) created by sbenthall
ED candidate BB's interview notes need to be written up and provided to …
18:42 Ticket #88 (Create PostGIS indexs) closed by iwillig


22:55 Ticket #90 (Buildout scripts for OpenGeo stack) created by iwillig
We need a way to build our software. Ideally each EE contract would have a …
22:54 Ticket #89 (Downloadable Data_dir for each OpenGeo EE project) created by iwillig
It would be nice if we could have a downloadable data_dir for each OpenGeo …
17:39 Ticket #88 (Create PostGIS indexs) created by iwillig
I need to add indexs on the attribute table to speed up rendering time. …
17:23 Ticket #87 (background color for OSM tiles) created by dwinslow
have the background color actually in the tiles rather than filling it in …
16:09 Ticket #86 (Add train stops, buildings and railroads) created by iwillig
11:15 Ticket #26 (Article for GEO Informatics) closed by sbenthall
11:02 Ticket #85 (Figure out what's up with OG Wordpress eating markup) created by sbenthall
For some reason the main OpenGeo wordpress instance eats our markup like …


22:04 Ticket #84 (Update Sigma demos) created by iwillig
We need to update the current Sigma demos with the new work.
21:44 Ticket #83 (Content Distribution Network) created by iwillig
Maybe cholmes can elaborate on this more.
21:39 Ticket #82 (New style for satellite images) created by iwillig
Already mention in another ticket, but thought that it need its own …
21:29 Ticket #81 (Add a download feature to the map) created by iwillig
This would allow users to download the OSM data in any format supported by …
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21:18 Ticket #80 (Make sure Japanese characters are render correctly) created by iwillig
On the demo its looks like we do not support Japanese characters.
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21:06 Ticket #79 (Smartly add more features to the map) created by iwillig
Andrea and others have mention that the maps looks a little plain. This …
20:58 Ticket #78 (Terrain model and contours) created by iwillig
I found some documentation on the OSM wiki about using the SRTM dataset. …
20:09 Ticket #77 (Natural features) created by iwillig
Right now our OSM map lacks any natural features. On Google Maps, Google …
19:59 Ticket #2 (document the GeoServer labelling changes with examples) closed by iwillig
19:53 Ticket #76 (Update OSM map to google projection) created by iwillig
See title
19:36 Ticket #75 (Redo the GeoServer home page with the OSM map.) created by iwillig
See title
19:34 Ticket #74 (A better "about" page for OSM.) created by iwillig
We need a clear explanation about what is going on with the map. Also we …
19:31 Ticket #73 (Instruction for working with openstreetmap data) created by iwillig
We need better instructions about working with the OMS dataset. These …
19:13 Ticket #72 (Strategy to keep our OSM data current) created by iwillig
We need a strategy for keeping the OSM data update to date. Currently …
19:03 Ticket #71 (Alternative styles for different use cases) created by iwillig
A couple of different styles come to mind right now. 1.Without labels. …
19:01 Ticket #70 (Add GNIS features to the OSM map) created by iwillig
Need to style and add the GNIS layer (city and place names) to the map.


21:53 Ticket #69 (Add a GeoCoder to the OSM map.) created by iwillig
Cholmes ask for this and I think adding a geocoder would be really …
20:33 Ticket #64 (OG Blog: Introducing Andrew Hoppin) closed by iwillig


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00:54 Ticket #61 (outline GEO Informatics article) closed by sbenthall


02:11 Ticket #68 (Synopsis for GEO Informatics) closed by sbenthall
01:56 Ticket #68 (Synopsis for GEO Informatics) created by sbenthall
GEO Informatics wants a synopsis of the article before it gets sent. Need …


20:17 Ticket #67 (Add privacy plugins to team trac) created by sbenthall
Add these tickets to this Trac. …
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