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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#101 PostGIS etc. bug fix language for contract. new pramsey task blocker --
#111 FOSS4G Sponsorship new cholmes task blocker --
#112 Run down Oracle OpenWorld new sparafina task blocker --
#176 Core quote contracts, and core development FAQ pages are 404 new pramsey task blocker
#9 Case Study: Finnish Ministry of Agriculture accepted sbenthall task critical --
#10 Case Study: MassGIS accepted sbenthall task critical --
#42 Geosearch proposal to Google new cholmes task critical --
#47 Get on GSA schedule assigned cholmes task critical --
#79 Smartly add more features to the map new iwillig enhancement critical --
#80 Make sure Japanese characters are render correctly new iwillig defect critical --
#84 Update Sigma demos new iwillig task critical --
#86 Add train stops, buildings and railroads new iwillig enhancement critical Outreach fixes everything
#90 Buildout scripts for OpenGeo stack new iwillig task critical --
#103 Definition of partner program assigned cholmes task critical --
#115 NYC fix-it map to demo new iwillig task critical --
#129 Create a live server for DC GIS information new iwillig task critical --
#135 Alachua data work new iwillig task critical --
#159 One-pager per product new sparafina task critical
#168 Final report on Alachua work new sparafina task critical
#170 Contact Dave Rankin about changes to contract new pramsey task critical
#171 TRY IT download/install package for OpenGeo Suite new sparafina task critical
#172 Target Audience Strategy new awright task critical
#195 Investigate ESRI per-industry material new sbenthall task critical
#202 Geocoding white paper accepted sbenthall task critical
#1 Make example demonstrating GeoServer security new somebody task major
#4 Work with DataProxy, DataReader, and Store subclasses new enhancement major --
#7 Case Study: MTU new pramsey task major --
#8 Case study: WHO new pramsey task major --
#11 Case Study: Rijkwaterstaat accepted sbenthall task major --
#12 Case study: SFMTA new pramsey task major --
#22 Detailed list of potential conferences new ahoppin task major --
#23 Proactively contact good conferences about keynote speaking slots new ahoppin task major --
#25 Conference booth material assigned pramsey task major --
#28 Prioritized list of media outlets new ahoppin task major --
#29 New contract with Alachua new cholmes task major --
#34 Transit: Re-establish SFMTA connection new cholmes task major --
#35 Transit: Material for OS MMTP solutions new cholmes task major --
#37 Europe new ahoppin task major --
#45 JDi solutions, rest api for adding shapefile to oracle biz-dev new cholmes task major --
#52 MapPanel new task major --
#53 GeoExplorer new task major --
#60 information about OpenGeo Planet in handbook new sbenthall task major --
#62 Include author's full name at top of OpenGeo blog posts assigned sbenthall task major --
#63 Individual pictures on OpenGeo blog assigned task major --
#65 OG Blog: GeoExt new task major --
#66 OG Blog: Styler new task major --
#67 Add privacy plugins to team trac new task major --
#71 Alternative styles for different use cases new iwillig enhancement major --
#72 Strategy to keep our OSM data current assigned iwillig enhancement major --
#73 Instruction for working with openstreetmap data new iwillig enhancement major --
#74 A better "about" page for OSM. new iwillig enhancement major --
#81 Add a download feature to the map new iwillig enhancement major --
#82 New style for satellite images new iwillig enhancement major --
#83 Content Distribution Network new iwillig enhancement major --
#89 Downloadable Data_dir for each OpenGeo EE project new iwillig task major --
#93 iOL.js and mobile description for OpenGeo site new whit task major --
#94 patch for OL for using jstools new whit task major --
#95 blog post on jsTools new task major --
#96 LiveCD / Starter Kit new iwillig task major --
#99 create menu/roadmap for jteam new task major --
#107 Press release: Alachua completed assigned jtorti task major --
#110 Check with PR people on readership of article venues new cholmes task major --
#114 new iwillig task major --
#116 Upgrade GS homepage tiles new iwillig task major --
#117 Alternate Style with NYC map slds assigned iwillig task major --
#118 Script to pre-cache major areas new iwillig task major --
#123 author portraits on geospiel new sbenthall task major --
#127 Port information from geo-biz openplans wiki to biz space on trac assigned cholmes task major --
#128 geo can't output GIFs new iwillig task major --
#133 03/09-03/13 fossgis conference preparation accepted ahocevar task major --
#136 Make sure that all demos have a license on them new iwillig task major --
#138 Create Wisconsin Demo new iwillig task major --
#154 Create vision/application road map section pages for website new pramsey task major
#157 auto rollout script accepted sbenthall task major
#163 replace animated gif with rollover activated sprite new rpenate task major
#166 Some remaining default gravatars new pramsey task major
#167 Get GEO Informatics article text up onto the web site new sbenthall task major
#179 Provide relevant text on home page. new pramsey task major
#180 not accepting image uploads assigned arneke task major
#181 Make a pretty 404 for * new dwinslow task major
#189 javascript errors on landing pages new sbenthall task major
#197 Geospatial Guide: Web Mapping Performance new pramsey task major
#198 Geospatial Guide: GeoServer and PostGIS and OpenLayers Debugging new pramsey task major
#199 PDFy Landgate case study assigned sbenthall task major
#206 client list new awright task major
#207 partnership program new awright task major
#208 case studies for teleatlas and SFMTA assigned awright task major
#209 Generic AdWords account, pay in more new sbenthall task major
#212 workhops mailing list linked from does not exist new pramsey task major
#213 site contains bad links new pramsey task major
#17 "Experts" pages aggregation of blogs, mailing list actions, contributions, etc. new sbenthall task minor --
#20 Project-specific support packages new cholmes task minor --
#24 OpenGeo Workshops new ahoppin task minor --
#27 Map out potential PR releases new ahoppin task minor --
#30 Get featured on NACo new ahoppin task minor --
#31 Full product strategy for replacing ArcIMS/ ArcGIS server upgrade new ahoppin task minor --
#32 Research client web GIS budgeting new ahoppin task minor --
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