Basic symbolizer

The basic symbolizer in Styler is divided into two panes: the upper pane shows all of the properties (text, marker, stroke, fill) applied to that symbolizer and a preview of the full stack of properties, it also allows the user to add more properties; when a property is selected in the upper pane, the lower pane shows the different attributes that each property can take.

Stroke symbolizer: Should eventually support advanced parameters like stroke-linejoin, stroke-linecap, stroke-dasharray. See precedents: ArcGIS Style Symbolizers  2,  4,  5,  6.

Marker symbolizer: TBD, but should incorporate the Image Manager for choosing marker graphics.

Label symbolizer: The first step is to be able to choose font, font size, font weight, and font color. And then past that to do the standard placement stuff (Anchor Point, Displacement, Rotation) (see:  label symbolizer wireframe), and our vendor specific parameters (grouping, follow line, max angle delta, space around, prioritization, etc). See precedents: ArcGIS Layer Properties  7 &  8.

Old proposals:

Multiple properties of the same type

As shown above, the symbolizer dialog allows the user to add multiple properties of the same type. For example, if a user wished to show certain roads as thin yellow lines with thick red borders then she could add a thick red stroke to a line and then add thinner yellow stroke above to achieve the desired effect.

Implementation details: Meta ticket #39

Alternate proposals:

Multiple geometries

In cases where the data is not divided by geometry type, a separate symbolizer tab appears for each. Each of the three geometry types accept different combinations of the four property types: points accept text or markers; lines accept text, markers, or stroke; and polygons can accept text, markers, stroke, or fill.

Editing symbolizers for multiple style rules simultaneously