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Managing Styles/SLDs

Styler integrates with GeoExt by adding a "Styles" tab to the  GeoExt Layer Properties.

The "SLD" fieldset in the Styles tab switches between multiple SLDs, exposes the SLD source for editing, and sets the active/default SLD. Although not shown in the wireframe below, the SLD grid could also include a column for the date on which each SLD was most recently modified.

Alternate proposals:

Named Styles

In cases where the server does not support SLD or when the server supports SLD but the user doesn't have admin rights then the "SLD" fieldset is replaced by the "Named Styles" fieldset.

Edit SLD

Clicking on the "Edit source" context menu option or the "Edit" icon in the "SLD" fieldset opens the SLD/XML editor. Like GeoServer, uses EditArea to edit the SLD XML.