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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#31 let users create text symbolizers defect blocker Styler fixed
#2 make the rule builder less ugly enhancement major Styler.widgets fixed
#3 allow for rule with no filter task major Styler.widgets fixed
#4 work graphic previews into point symbolizer enhancement major Styler.widgets fixed
#6 new rule doesn't appear to apply defect major Styler fixed
#7 deleting rule messes with other rules defect major Styler fixed
#8 hide url field for external graphics when value is given task major Styler.widgets fixed
#11 Getting/setting the styling rules for any type of layer ahocevar enhancement major fixed
#13 put rule title in symbolizer dialog defect major Styler invalid
#14 create an OL control for WFS GetFeature ahocevar task major OpenLayers fixed
#15 show zoom level in scales slider tip task major Styler.widgets fixed
#16 allow access to styler dialogs from GeoView task major Styler wontfix
#17 make rule panel tabbed defect major Styler.widgets fixed
#18 Popup border color inconsistent defect major Styler invalid
#19 Inconsistent interaction with style editors defect major Styler fixed
#24 fix scroll issues on advanced tab of rule panel tschaub defect major Styler fixed
#25 add ability to reorder rules defect major Styler fixed
#26 make sure default symbolizer matches what geoserver expects defect major Styler fixed
#27 add dialog that shows which rules apply when clicking on a feature enhancement major Styler fixed
#29 add indication of map zoom when limiting scale in rule panel defect major Styler fixed
#30 show slider tips on hover tschaub enhancement major Styler fixed
#34 compressed OL build is missing a few files defect major Styler fixed
#36 halo color and opacity not preserved when reopening the rule panel defect major Styler.widgets fixed
#61 Styler works against old geoserver rest config api defect major Styler fixed
#67 missing semi-colon in Util.js defect major Styler fixed
#68 typo in name of comparison combo box defect major Styler fixed
#69 RulePanel does not pass max|minScaleLimit to ScaleLimitPanel defect major Styler fixed
#70 Use of instead of task major Styler fixed
#71 LegendPanel - add methods for removing and updating rule entries defect major Styler fixed
#75 read & write stroke-dasharray and stroke-linecap defect major Styler fixed
#21 style zoom slider tschaub enhancement minor Styler fixed
#22 add zoom in/out buttons above/below zoom slider tschaub enhancement minor Styler fixed
#23 remove pan controls tschaub enhancement minor Styler fixed
#62 Legend container is not scrollable defect minor Styler fixed

Status: new (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#28 test functionality in grade A browsers defect blocker Styler --
#32 The colorpicker does not work as expected in IE defect major Styler --
#33 Ability to turn off or change base layer enhancement major Styler --
#35 index.html does not use compressed minmimzed OpenLayers build defect major Styler --
#37 scale limit checkbox not properly set on init defect major Styler.widgets --
#38 scale threshold slider is flipped defect major Styler.widgets --
#39 Add support for multiple symbolizers per rule task major Styler --
#40 modify RulePanel so we can have multiple symbolizers per rule enhancement major Styler --
#41 Create a SymbolizersPanel to manage symbolizers for a rule -- enhancement major Styler.widgets --
#42 SymbolizersManager to link between Fills, Strokes, Markers, Texts and their respective symbolizers enhancement major Styler --
#53 prep FilterPanel for inclusion in GeoExt defect major Styler --
#57 Support all of SLD for the TextSymbolizer -- enhancement major Styler.widgets --
#58 Support vendor specific extensions (GeoServer) of TextSymbolizers enhancement major Styler.widgets --
#59 Make SLD source editable enhancement major Styler.widgets --
#63 If a layer has no "Title", the layer name is blank in the "Layers" list on the left side defect major Styler --
#64 When style is edited and then Styler is reloaded, view reverts to original style on previously viewed zoom levels defect major Styler --
#65 View/edit styles created through Styler in GeoServer defect major Styler --
#72 FilterBuilder: add the ability to create spatial queries enhancement major Styler --
#76 allow for non google base layer defect major Styler --
#77 Viewing Many (>7) Style Rules in Legend tschaub defect major Styler --
#79 FilterBuilder - support between filters on input defect major Styler.widgets --
#10 opacity slider is not properly sized when point symbolizer form changes defect minor Styler.widgets --
#12 allow no fill or stroke to be specified defect minor Styler.widgets --
#20 Give user more control over dashes defect minor Styler --
#66 Add Apply button to Style Edit window enhancement minor Styler --
#78 Spaces in sld name not supported defect trivial Styler --
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