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The OR Plan of Attack for World Domination.

The Background:  As Opengeo continues to mature, the outreach team will be called upon to do more things. In order to do our job most efficiently we should start planning our direction.

We are already supporting/leading documentation and training but we want to start thinking abut our work in terms of product.  The following is a brainstorm of our scope.  It is the beginning effort to outline a 3-year plan.  The following is a list of OR areas of work.  Please add your thoughts, include (for examples) anything from expected challenges to dreamed goals.

The List:
1. Support Processes
We are the fire fighters.  We respond and react to crisis. 
From Mike:  How will we balance that with all the other projects on our plates? What does enterprise level support mean?  Specifically the 24-hour technical support?

2. Account/Project Management
How will the outreach team, biz, jteam, gteam handle enterprise contracts, in general? Typically have the outreach team as the primary contact. But should we set formalized process in place, and function as a project manager? This include a proactive plan for design, style guides. Is this something we will take on? 

3) Technologically Focused
The outreach team would be responsible for all the forward facing JavaScript demos.  We would ask developers to build features.    What are these demos?

3) Training/Education

4) Biz
This includes pre-sales support, estimates, product direction and marketing.  We will help develop collateral, screen casts, website content and demos for both targeted and potential users.

5) Testing and IT infrastructure
We need to think about IT infrastructure.  We will continue to work with and backup customer data.  In order to do server work for clients, we need a sys admin that sits on outreach team to.  This sys admin needs to be able to replicate all aspects on different systems (e.g, Unix, windows) for both support and quality assurance.

6) Packaging
Similar to MAMP, MAMP pro, the current plan is to make the installer in 2 flavors.  Flavor 1: would be a basic support installer; flavor 2 would have more advanced features..  The idea is that stack people feel comfortable building upon suite, but pay for support and training.  The selling point becomes about the installer experience

7) Growth/Staffing