All Street Map

All of the streets in the  lower 48 United States: an image of 26 million individual road segments. No other features (such as outlines or geographic features) have been added to this image, however they emerge as roads avoid mountains, and sparse areas convey low population. This began as an example I created for a student in the fall of 2006, and I just recently got a chance to document it properly.'

Obesity Map

Not sure where we could find this data, but an analysis of obsetity would be intereting. Could be a timeline or gt-css example.

Perhaps somewhere here:

Census Map

This is a map idea that Alyssa and I had. We do something cool with census data in new york city. I think that Alyssa has more thoughts on this.

Some possible ideas:

- commuting time vs. income level

- languages spoken in boroughs

Google Docs Data Scrape

Use this and then visualize?'

"This new feature lets you get information from filetypes such as xml, html, csv, tsv, as well as RSS and Atom feeds that you might read today in Google Reader."

Africa Map

Rollie's Africa Map project could be a great OpenGeo project. This is a much larger project then one day. We need to break this into what we think could be good examples. I key part of this is having a slider that displays information based on time ranges. That could be a one day project.

A global raster map

Using the NASA data we could produce a some nice terrian nock offs. The SRTM data needs some processing. Plus we need to think about caching and hosting.

OSM tiles need love.

Currently the OpenGeo are a bad knock off of the everyblock maps. Both Alyssa and I have started projects on making different and better styles. We have not had time to finish these.

OpenLayers pop-ups

It would be great if we could do a project showing how to use other javascript framework in openlayers popups. There is a start of this project on github.

Variable Sea Levels Map

How world geography would change with varying sea leavel data.

Cluster Strategy Map

Make use of OL cluster strategy for good data presentation.

Timeline Map

Some sort of time representation--could be flight data?

GeoCommons Inspired

Perhaps do a revision of a geocommons example?

Recovery Gov Inspired?

GeoServer Users Map

Used to be at . Aleda from MassGIS was asking about this.


development seed: