The idea for four-week projects arose form a desire to organize and give directions to outreach projects. While each project is not exactly four weeks the idea is to build concise and limited projects that have a clear start and a clear end. The following are possible 4 week stories:

  1. Enterprise monitoring and configuration
  2. The ability to export and download custom titles
  3. .mxd export * ArcIMS export and configuration
  4. Integration with Drupal, Django, Ruby on Rails, and .NET development environments.
  5. Debian and RedHat packages.
  6. TimeLine/OpenLayers Integration.
  7. shp2geoserver
  8. HumanTerrain
  9. Tree mapping project
  10. CSS styler
  11. places2protect
  12. Transportation Demo
    Working multimodal routing with live Portland data, but can be extended to Utah, Denver, Seattle and Dallas.
  13. PubSubHubbub OG stack