Template for Project Closeout Report

Project: [Project Name]

Version:[Version Number]

Revision Date:[Date]

Aprover Name Title Date

Section 1: General Information

Project Name: Date:
Client Name:
Contact: Email: Phone: Fax:
Project Manager: Email: Phone: Fax:

Section 2: Acceptance Checklist

Item Question Response (Y/N)
2.1 Did the customer accept the product as ready for deployment?(Y/N)
2.2 Did the customer agree that the delivery has met the stated business goals and objectives?(Y/N)
2.3 Did the customer fully understand and agree to accept all operational requirements, operational risks, maintenance costs, and other limitations and/or constraints imposed as a result of on going operations?(Y/N)
2.4 Did the customer agree that the project should be closed?(Y/N)

Section 3: Project Artifacts Checklist

Item Question Response (Y/N)
3.1 Have project documentation and other items (e.g., Project Plan, code, financial records, status reports, memos) been prepared, collected, audited, archived, and/or disposed? (Y/N)
3.2 Were audits (e.g., project closeout audit, contract audit) completed and results documented for future reference? (Y/N)
3.3 Are storage locations for all items not maintained under configuration management known (i.e., that are not identified in a Configuration Items Register)? Identify the storage location for these items:
Name Storage Location Method/Media
[filename] [location] [DVD/harddisk/tape]

Section 4: Resources

Resource Resource Disposition Date
[server] [on-line][date]

Section 5: Project Lessons Learned

Problem Statement Problem Description References Recommended Changes
service does not work requested maps return error [example request] use another service

Section 6: Post Implementation Plans

Action Planned Date Assignee Frequency
server back up [date] sys admin daily

Section 7: Open Issues

Issue Planned Resolution
data needs to be updated provide training for maintaining data

Section 8: Additional Comments

Section 9: supporting documentation

Descriptions Title Link
project plan Project Plan for CustomerX [URL]