Certain third-level (version: first.second.third) revisions to GeoServer and GeoExt are causing unexpected API problems. For example, a change in WFS-V in GeoServer 1.7.3 caused the West Village building editor demo, built on 1.7.1, to fail. Because there is no standard process for publicizing such revisions, changes are opaque and the OR team is caught off guard when things fail. Resolving this problem will not only benefit OpenGeo, but also the community and our clients.

1) Need to build a process for publicizing changes to the API which defines both the when and how of third level revisions.
2) Mike/Alyssa will continue to research problem and then vet to Whit/Justin in order to compile recommendations.
3) Brainstorm with team to develop appropriate process for third level revisions.

BACKGROUND: to be more fully developed

- Need to plan our API as part of our architecture.
   - Put API changes in a branch.
   - Use branches more often.
- Growing pains
  - Better integration/communication/planning between developers and outreach team
  - If we want to target version numbers, we need to abide by version numbers
- We just want to know when things are going to break.