GeoSilk is a set of icons designed for open source web-based geospatial software. The set is an extension of Mark James's  Silk icons—probably the most widely used set of icons on the web—that incorporates metaphors for spatial constructs defined by Jody Garnett's  uDig icons. Take a gander at the full set or download it from the  SVN repository. GeoSilk is available under a  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, meaning anyone may use it for any purpose and make any changes they like.

Read  GeoSilk: Icons for a shared geoweb on the OpenGeo Blog to learn more about this icon set. Feel free to leave comments for icon requests or other questions.

Metaphors of Spatial Constructs (feature)geosilk/vector.png vector (feature)geosilk/vector_add.png vector (feature)geosilk/vector_delete.png (grid)geosilk/raster.png raster (grid)geosilk/raster_add.png raster (grid)geosilk/raster_delete.png file (feature file)geosilk/page_white_vector.png file (grid file)geosilk/page_white_raster.png database geosilk/database_vector.png database (datastore)geosilk/database_raster.png map servicegeosilk/server_map.png feature servicegeosilk/server_vector.png coverage servicegeosilk/server_raster.png processing servicegeosilk/server_gear.png catalogue servicegeosilk/server_table.png service (GSS)geosilk/server_feed.png mapsilk/map_add.png mapsilk/map_delete.png mapsilk/map_edit.png filegeosilk/page_white_map.png

Common Spatial Tools mapsilk/map_add.png propertiesgeosilk/map_wrench.png mapgeosilk/map_save.png mapsilk/map_go.png, searchsilk/find.png, lengthgeosilk/ruler.png, areageosilk/ruler_square.png, anglesgeosilk/ruler_triangle.png insilk/magnifier_zoom_in.png outsilk/magnifier_zoom_out.png, linksilk/link.png

Vector Icons

GeoSilk provides icons for points, markers, lines, and polygons that expand on the vector and shape icons provided by Silk:

Process Icons, processsilk/cog.png silk/page_white_gear.png silk/database_gear.png processing servicegeosilk/server_gear.png silk/script_gear.png silk/table_gear.png

Silk Metaphors, enabledsilk/tick.png, disabledsilk/cross.png, newsilk/add.png, removesilk/delete.png, findsilk/find.png sheetsilk/application_view_columns.png, processsilk/cog.png


These elements are used in the construction of new icons and usually represent an verb (i.e., action) or adjective (i.e., additional description). To be consistent with Silk, modifier imagery should be 'harvested' from within the Silk set whenever possible, sized at approx. 9px by 9px, and placed in the lower-right corner of a parent icon. New icons should be placed in the /geosilk directory (/silk should never be modified) and named according to Silk's 'parent_modifier.png' pattern. (wizard)silk/bullet_star.png (edit)silk/bullet_wrench.png


  •  /silk
  • /geosilk (coming soon)
  • /other (coming soon)

Other Resources

Below are other icon sets not affiliated with GeoSilk.

Application Icons

Cartography Icons

  •  GPS Drive - Repository of c. hundreds of Point Of Interest (POI) rasterized and SVG symbol icons