OpenGeo LiveDisc

The OpenGeo LiveDisc is a disc image / virtual machine built to show the best of the OpenGeo software stack.

Different flavors

This will come in two flavors, with the possibility of more in the future. (Possibly even client-specific.)

  • The "Try It" experience: The OpenGeo Suite preconfigured. A marketing tool. Downloadable from our website.
  • The "Workshop" experience: Our software set up to facilitate our workshops.

Features common to both experiences

  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • PGadmin
  • GeoServer
  • uDig (hidden from menu)
  • GeoExplorer
  • Misc tools (Firefox, Firebug, GEdit, Terminal, etc)

Features only on "Workshop"

  • Workshop materials
  • Google Earth
  • Data directory (just the data required by the workshop)
  • Splash page (intro + links to workshop)
  • ???

Features only on "Try It"

  • Quickstart instructions
  • Data directory (nice layers, including Ivan's Bay Area OSM demo)
  • Splash page (including fact sheet + marketing materials)
  • ???

Software Docs